Join Us for the 30th Annual Japanese Cultural Fair!

  Join us this Saturday, June 4th in Santa Cruz for a day of indigo dyeing at the 30th Annual Japanese Cultural Fair in Mission Plaza Park! We will have an Aizome (indigo dyeing) booth with fun mini workshops and lots of indigo-dyed goods for sale. I am … Read More

Heading East

  A few years ago, I was gifted a precious box of fabrics, collected by a friend over her many years of world travels. Among amazing shibori silks from Japan, ancient garments from the Middle East, and stunning embroidery from Nepal and Central America, were two skirts. When … Read More

Small-scale Indigo Processing

So you’re growing Japanese indigo (or other indigo-producing plants) in your garden this year. You planted the seeds, cared for the plants… maybe you have even harvested some leaves and done a fresh indigo dye bath. But what do you do if you want to have homegrown botanic … Read More