New Beginnings


As I write this, a cascade of rooster calls are echoing in the fresh air. Across the fence, Guinea hens are chattering, new goat kids are bleating, and geese are waddling back and forth, neatly mowing the grass along the fence line. Looking out the window, I see the lush green that blankets our new home, and bare trees with buds just beginning to break.

It's been a while since I've posted here. The last half a year has flown by in a flurry of life changes, some saddening, others uplifting. Doors have opened and others closed, and as I am emerging from the winter months into spring, the horizon is clear. Thank goodness for rain. It washes the air clean, breathes life into all the nooks and crannies of the soil... and our souls if we let it!


With the new year, my husband and I began the transition from Santa Cruz to Rio Linda, California, just north of Sacramento. After years of looking for property on the coast and not being able to compete in the market, we widened our search and found an opportunity to move back to the Sacramento area, where we met, to start working on our own land.



We are finally settling in, and amidst many projects and resolutions, I find myself here.

The response I have received since starting up this website a year and a half ago has been greater than I ever could have thought possible. Thank you to all of you who have found your way here, poured over the pages I have published, and asked inspiring, thoughtful, and heartening questions. Your enthusiasm is the reason I am motivated to continue investing time and energy into expanding the resources section of the website, and it is inspiring to know how many of you out there are sincerely captivated by the world of fiber and natural dyes, are actively seeking answers and greater understanding of their uses, and are creating beautiful works of art while unlocking the colors pulsing through the plants at your fingertips.


In response to questions I have received regarding my silence as of late, I would like to confess to those reading along that I am generally a self reflective and internally focused person, and the effort to develop this website has been pretty huge. My temperament as it is, keeping up with social media and internet presence is more than I've been able to manage as I've been navigating life lately! Rest assured though, I haven't stopped working... With the new year, I am hoping to take a more tempered approach while continuing to invest time into posting resources here. As we get the farm up and running for the summer and get settled in our new place, past research will continue to evolve, and I look forward to the next chapter of this website as I find a place for everything.

In that vein, I would love to take the opportunity to ask if any of you have questions or suggestions of topics related to natural dyes, dye gardening/farming, and textiles that you would like to see published on the blog and in the resources section here in the coming year--My ultimate purpose for the site is to share whatever information and experience I have that others might be looking for, so having suggestions to guide that effort moving forward would be immensely helpful. Thank you for taking the time to comment below or send me a personal message with your questions and suggestions, and I will do my best to address them in future posts!

Looking ahead, I am also beginning to put together a series of blog entries to communicate what I've learned and continue to learn through the process of making denim jeans from the threads of our California community... please stay tuned, and thank you all for your enthusiasm and for your patience as we settle into our new home and invest in getting our farm up and running for the year! In the mean time, I've reopened the Etsy shop for those in search of seeds for this year's dye garden... Happy Spring <3



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  1. jill sanders
    | Reply

    Kori i am so thrilled you have property now and your homsted isn being planted and growing already .. i will miss seeing you drop into the studio form time to time.. BUT i am deeply happy for you litterly putting down new roots!
    peace through fibers

      | Reply

      Thank you Jill! I miss you already, and am looking forward to coming back for a visit. Your mentorship has been invaluable to me, and you and the studio are always in my heart. Love, Kori

  2. Bonnie Klatt
    | Reply

    I’m so happy for you & your husband! I’m also happy to see you here again!! Having moved into our country place last November we, too, are eager to get our gardens “up and running”! I am finally living the life I have dreamed of since I was a child. Looking forward to blessings and surprises in this space.

      | Reply

      Hooray, I am so happy for you Bonnie! Wishing you the best in the exciting year ahead. Here’s to living dreams 🙂


  3. Carla farrell
    | Reply

    Precious granddaughter, how fun to read about your latest life chapter. Of course I am up on most of it, but having it in your words and with beautiful photos is special. Keep sending house and garden photos until I can make a trip in person.

    Love to you and Toby, GMa

  4. Darlene
    | Reply

    Bravo to you! As one small farmer to another, I applaud your work!

  5. Heather Podoll
    | Reply

    Congratulations on all you are creating, Kori! It’s exciting to see the photos of your beautiful farm already blossoming. We are looking forward to hearing and learning more from you, as all of the posts you have shared have enriched our understandings and practice so much. I’m especially excited to hear about your progress with making your own jeans, and your continued work with small scale indigo processing and dyeing. Thank you for your inspiration, and for your generous sharing and teaching!

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