Join Us for the 30th Annual Japanese Cultural Fair!



Join us this Saturday, June 4th in Santa Cruz for a day of indigo dyeing at the 30th Annual Japanese Cultural Fair in Mission Plaza Park!

We will have an Aizome (indigo dyeing) booth with fun mini workshops and lots of indigo-dyed goods for sale. I am busy packing up the workshop supplies and putting the finishing touches on a new round of silk scarves, earrings, indigo soaps, and seeds to fill the booth–not to be missed! And the weather looks like it will be absolutely gorgeous this year 😀




Hope to see you there! More info at



Here are a few photos from last year’s festivities:

Indigo soaps and earrings for sale


Fun for all ages 😉



The first dip!


Workshop participants get the chance to learn fun shibori resist techniques and dye a large cotton bandana of their own in the indigo pot.


Silk scarves for sale at last year’s fair.


Silk Scarves on their way to the Fair!

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  1. Carla farrell
    | Reply

    Oh, I would love to be there, but know I will be thinking of you, dear granddaughter.

  2. Lynn
    | Reply

    Would be nice to come visit this , but live ~200 miles south wo a car, though could try the bus….

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