Saving Dye Seeds: Pokeberry

        Pokeberry (Phytolacca americana) seems to be a current favorite in the natural dye world. A North American native, this deep-rooted perennial can be found along roadsides and riverbanks across the US and much of Eastern Canada. The early spring leaves were traditionally cooked as … Read More

Friday Flowers

Lately, Friday has been my flower therapy day…   After work I tuck in the veggies and take a walk around the ranch, letting go of the stress from the week, noticing what is changing with the seasons (the Fujis are ripe in the orchard today!)…  all along … Read More

Black Walnuts… & An Ode to Fall

    Fall is here–in the light, the chilly nights, the smell of dry grass waiting for rain, and, inescapably, the Harvest. It seems no matter how many years pass, I am always surprised anew when the fall harvest arrives–all of a sudden, everything that has been slowly … Read More