Small-scale Indigo Processing

So you’re growing Japanese indigo (or other indigo-producing plants) in your garden this year. You planted the seeds, cared for the plants… maybe you have even harvested some leaves and done a fresh indigo dye bath. But what do you do if you want to have homegrown botanic … Read More

An Ode to Honeybees–a fiber artist’s best friends.

    Honeybees pollinate the flowers outside my front door, giving me seed to save for next year’s dye gardens. Their efforts are responsible for a large portion of the fruits and vegetables I eat, and the honey that I stir into my tea every morning. They provide … Read More

Grow Your Jeans

Fibershed will be celebrating their first local denim effort on October 3rd, 2015!  Read more about the project here!   On October 3rd, 2015, Fibershed will hold a fashion show to celebrate the results of the community’s latest great effort: California grown and sewn blue jeans… Sally Fox’s … Read More