I am an artist and plant biologist crafting a life based on exploration, inquiry, and attentiveness. I have started this website out of gratitude for the many people around the world who freely share their knowledge and learning experiences... I have learned so many inspiring things from internet bloggers and instructional videos, and these have given me the seeds to cultivate many of the skills I hold dear! I hope that through this website I can begin to give back, and add my own experience to the shared pool of knowledge.

Please visit the "My Work" page to see what I have been creating lately, and stop by the blog to learn more, peruse practical lessons, and read about my natural dye adventures as I find time to write about them. Fellow natural dye enthusiasts will also find there is a link to my Etsy store, where I offer seeds for several of my favorite dye plants, along with growing and dye instructions.

Thank you for stopping by!